Quoss Aroma Sense Q Vitamin C Filter Pack 3 Refills Multi Lemon,Rose, Eucalyptus

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With the Aroma Sense Q Vitamin C Filters, enjoy the main benefits of the Aroma shower system, a patented new technology offering a chlorine-free shower with vitamin C aroma to refresh your showering experience.

Features of the Aroma Vitamin C Filter
Eliminates 99.99% of chlorine from water, which reduces skin dryness and itching
Improves hair condition and promotes smooth, radiant skin
Helps relieve stress and rejuvenates your tired body with an aroma therapy

Specifications Ingredients: Advanced formula pharmaceutical grade vitamin C Consists of 90% vitamin C and 10% natural essential oil This pack 3 rose filters for the Aroma Sense Q Vitamin C Shower Head Each filter lasts approx. 6,000 litres (About 3 months for a family of 4 taking 1 shower a day. This may differ depending on water temperature, usage, etc.)