Quoss Aroma Freestyle Shower


Materials: Solid DR brass and polished chrome finish / Top quality ceramic disc cartridge
Parts: Mixer, fittings, 1.5m flexible hose, drill-free rail bar, aroma vitamin C shower head
WELS 3 star water rating / 8.0L per minute
WM70099, WM74548
Warranty: 5 year on mixer/fittings, 3 year on other parts


Patented high-pressure shower head with negative ions

  • Eliminates 99.99% of chlorine inside water
  • Water pressure 3 times greater than ordinary shower head
  • Uses 20% less water (Saves up to 36,000 litres a year)
  • Eliminates bacteria and odour from the water
  • Generates billions of negative ions (100 times more that beside a waterfall)
  • Filters contaminants and particles out of the water

Vitamin C Filter

  • Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 lemons
  • Eliminates 99.99% of chlorine inside water
  • Prevents damages to the skin and hair, and helps eliminate bacteria and odour
  • Advanced formula pharmaceutical grade vitamin C provides a nourishing aroma therapy shower
  • Consists of 90% vitamin C and 10% natural essential oil

Easy installation

  • Allows use of existing plumbing fixture
  • No extra work involved such as plumbing or knocking down wall
  • Drill-free rail bar
  • Interchangeable between old and new shower
  • Able to take it with you when you move out

Patented innovative fitting technology

  • Fits all shower breech systems and sizes
  • Covers all distances between the two tap handles (up to 265mm)
  • Applicable to vertical taps as well

No on-going maintenance

  • No need to exchange spindle washers or jumper valves
  • No more drips or leaks permanently



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