MethvenKrome 200mm Wall Shower on Swan Neck Arm Matte Black

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With its clean rounded profile, natural-looking curves, and matte black finish, the Methven Glide Krome 200mm Drencher Swan Neck Wall Shower introduces an inviting aura to your bathroom interior.

Built to last, the Methven Krome 200mm Drencher Swan Neck Wall Shower comes with a durable metal faceplate.

Fitted with rub clean nozzles, the Drencher Swan Neck Wall Shower allows easier limescale removal, making it ideal for hard water areas.

This wall shower’s swan neck arm is designed for higher installation, letting you take advantage of the added bathroom space.

Employing an easy screw-off, screw-on installation, the Methven Krome swan neck wall shower can be set up on your bathroom hassle-free.