Decina Cascade Fixed and Swing Bath Screen

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1500 x 1037mm

The Cascade Fixed and Swing Pivot Panel provides a shower enclosure of over one metre long. Installed directly onto a tile bead the chrome plated pivot panel provides a seamless look while providing effortless access to the bath and taps. The chrome plated handle prevents finger print marks on the glass.

The 6mm toughened glass swing panel, stays aligned with the bath edge and can be rotated up to 270 degrees. It conveniently folds in all the way inwards and 90 degrees outside of the bath, this design makes it especially easy to clean the bath and for bathing children

The gasket sealed walled channel allows ± 8mm adjustability for precise installation.


  • Invisible channel brackets (all fixings are on the inside of the channel) create clean lines and a seamless finish
  • Swing panel rotates 270 degrees
  • Swing panel folds all the way into the bath for easy access
  • Drip seal to bath
  • 6mm toughened glass
  • Easy to clean with exclusive EZI Clean screen coating
  • 5-year manufacturers warranty