Caroma Electronic Bidet Seat

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Complete your bathroom experience with Livewell Electronic Bidet Seat. Designed to provide comfort and style, Livewell electronic bidet seat uses minimal water while enhancing your hygiene with thorough washing and drying features all controlled by an intuitive remote control. Ideal for Care, Commercial and Residential applications, this seat is designed to be compatible with a range of GWA pans and can also be installed on wider market pans if required.

GermGard® antibacterial protection on the seat to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria
Simple and easy to use remote control to customise user experience
Extendable spray nozzle to support both front and rear washing
Activation and control of Oscillating & Pulsating spray functions for superior clean
Control of water flow and temperature
Air powered drying function
Self cleaning nozzle for continued high performance
Soft close hinges for both seat and cover
Quick release seat and cover for simple maintenance and servicing
This bidet seat is supplied with dual check valves and has an integrated air gap to meet AS2845.2 compliance for backflow prevention.
Please consult your local authorities to confirm if an additional RPZ valve is required.
The supplied remote control has been tested and complies with the requirements of AS/NZS 62368.1: 2018. consumer goods (products containing button/coin batteries) safety standard 2020.