Freestanding Baths Australia

Whether you’re a builder creating the ultimate bathroom for a client, or you’re a homeowner wanting to upgrade your space, we offer a wide collection of furnishings, such as freestanding baths in Australia.

Spa Baths in Australia

The Decina collection of spa baths comes in a range of sizes from 1 520 to 1 800mm and numerous jets from 10 to an indulgent 22. Besides a range of stone baths made from limestone and resin for a smooth surface and heat-retaining surface, here’s what else you can expect from our wide selection:

  • Inset baths. The 106-litre, Decina Adatto 1 510mm bath features armrests and lumbar support. It also has extra depth so that you can fully recline in the water.
  • Round baths. If you have the space for it, round baths such as the Fienza Shinto Matte white stone, freestanding bath makes for luxurious bath times.
  • Back-to-wall freestanding bath. The Kaskade Cape stone bath 1670 with matte finish is optimal if you need to maximise bathroom space while maintaining a high-end aesthetic. The freestanding corner bath is also ideal for a limited space.

Why Thrifty Bathrooms & Plumbing Plus

Besides stocking extensive brands, and comprehensive types of tubs, such as freestanding and corner baths, our bathware follows Australian standards and are manufactured from premium material.

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